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VTec Support is a US based family owned and operated company. We decided from the beginning that your happiness was our number one priority.  That said we agreed to offer lifetime support so we're with you from the moment you get a new device.

Since then our top quality hassle-free services alongside an extraordinary customer service experience has made a difference in the lives of many. Words like; "wow", "fantastic", "knowledgeable", "patient," and "amazing" are heard from our customers complementing our pro technical support analysts. 

No matter what comes up our professional team facilitates quick and effective solutions for your devices. 

We remove the frustration, headaches and worries you have with computers, laptops, tablets, smart devices and more all from the comfort of your home. VTec's goal is to provide immediate assistance for each question and concern you have regarding your electronic devices. The solutions we give are in a manner that you can clearly understand. We love making your life easier.

Gain access to our premium support from VTec today and ​join the growing list of happy and loyal customers. Discover the difference for yourself. 

We Connect Remotely

It's Really That Easy!

VTec Makes Owning & Operating Electronic Devices Easy. 

At The First Sign Of Trouble​: 

You'll call VTec Support anytime of the day or night. We're always here for you.

Next, We'll Analyze The Main Concern: 
​Our unique technology allows our experts to create a secure connection directly to your PC over the internet and fix your problem as you watch. And if your internet connection is not working, our experts can help you reconnect or walk you through the problem right over the phone. And don’t worry about your security or privacy – all connections to your computer are fully encrypted and can only be opened by you. 
Once We've Determined The Issue, We Move Into The Solution Phase:
We check to ensure the solution provided fully took care of the issue.
We Ask For Your Feedback: 
At the end of our call, we'll ask you about your experience. This gives us a chance to completely understand your needs and allows us to assess our service.

Finally, We Thank You For Choosing VTec Support:
Hurray, your issue has been resolved! We'll end the call and thank you for choosing VTec. You'll hangup thrilled that your device is in working order. If you're like most of our customers, you'll share the news with your family and friends. 
Because You'll Never Know When You'll Need Tec Support

Our Customers Have Spoken! We're A Top US Based Tec Support Company 

I would like to thank Teresa S for being so very helpful and patient with setting up my new computer. She is very pleasant and knowledgable. 
-Bonnie McCormack (Google Review)
Wow! Amazing help!!!! After being on the phone with so many other people from HSN to HP tech support for a total of 4 hrs, VTec suppor was the only support I got. Thanks Katherine for all your help!!! God bless. 
-Vicky Mada (Google Review)
Teresa S with V tech- The service was excellent today working with Teresa. She was very patient with me and explained each step she took. She also recommended protection services that I really needed. I have been sold on my lifetime relationship with V Tech! Bravo!
-Audrey Spencer (Google Review)